Forefront TeleCare, Inc. is a pioneer and U.S. leader in the delivery of behavioral health services to small, rural healthcare facilities via our unique HIPAA-compliant TeleCare service which incorporates software, hardware, and comprehensive service protocols. Our current specialty services include psychiatry and clinical psychology. Our client facilities include skilled nursing facilities and clinics in 18 states from coast to coast. Our Forefront Provider Network currently includes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners.

Our history gives us a unique advantage and “know-how” in the logistics and management of these “telepsychiatry” and “telepsychology” relationships. This enables our mental health services to be extraordinarily cost-efficient and effective for our providers, facilities, and the patients they serve. Having access to Forefront TeleCare’s services can be transformational in the advancement of the mental health capabilities of our client facilities, and enables providers in our network to stay at the “forefront” of behavioral practice.


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Success Stories

“To succeed in an era of resource constraints, the psychiatrist needs to address unmet medical needs. Forefront TeleCare provides a cost-effective way to provide quality psychiatric care to patients in remote areas without direct access to a psychiatrist.”
~ Steven James, M.D. (California)